Quality System

Spectralab operates under a comprehensive quality system in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 that covers all aspects of laboratory operations.  This quality system is documented in the Spectralab Analytical Quality System Manual.  The quality system is designed to meet all quality standards set forth by the International Standards accrediting bodies to ensure the integrity of all reported data.

The lab has a dedicated Quality Assurance Unit comprised of professionals with analytical, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance expertise who are committed to maintaining the Quality Management System through:

  • Accreditation by national regulatory bodies
  • Participation in proficiency testing programs and interlaboratory programs
  • Internal laboratory audits and mechanisms for continuous monitoring
  • External audits by clients and regulatory agencies
  • Established Quality Control protocols for all analyses
  • Systems for thorough documentation and traceability

Our Quality Management System is an integral part of our commitment to providing “Quality Testing” service for a “Better Living.”

Quality Objectives

Comprehensive quality objectives are in place for all aspects of laboratory operations, from method validation, sample log-in and processing to instrument calibration, sample quantitation, and data review. Adherence to these quality objectives ensures that our results are accurate, reproducible, and legally defensible.

Goals of these objectives are:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction
  • Targeting zero safety incidents and near misses
  • Monitoring quality control
  • Providing continuous professional development and training


All personnel at the laboratory are involved in a training program, which focuses on safety, quality and process controls. Training programs are regularly reviewed for adequacy.

Quality Control (QC)

The quality control processes at the laboratory are continuously monitored by our Quality Assurance Department.

Quality control measures applied at the laboratory include:

  • Sample preparation QC checks
  • Analysis of Certified Reference Standards
  • Analysis of in-house reference materials and standards
  • Traceable calibration standards for instrumentation
  • Analyzing duplicate and blind QC samples
  • Spiking samples to monitor process recoveries
  • Proficiency Testing and Inter-laboratory Comparisons QC monitoring

Our commitment:

We strive to offer independent, fast and innovative high quality services to all clients. To meet this service we are committed to:

  • Conducting roles with integrity
  • Providing superior analytical services
  • Working responsibly within all quality and health and safety regulations
  • Ensuring a consistent, premium service to all clients
  • Developing long term relationships with clients
  • Employing qualified and competent staff in all roles

Our Vision

To be recognised as a leader in the analytical field, regarded by clients as a provider of premium services, with a strong customer focus

Who we are

Spectralab Analytical Services is a privately owned independent analytical testing laboratory located in Nairobi.  Our main laboratory is situated along Dar es Salaam Road, Industrial Area. +Readmore...

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