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Water Testing

We test for Physio-Chemical and Microbiological parameters in: Drinking Water, Borehole Water, Waste Water, Process Water, Cooling Water and others. 

Food Testing

Food Microbiology, Food Chemistry, Vitamins & Minerals, Nutritional Analysis, Shelf Life Studies are some of test we conduct in order to keep quality and consumer safety.

Feed Testing

Proximate and routine nutritional analysis in animal feeds, raw materials, pre-mixes, forage and silage are part of what we provide to farmers and manufacturers.

Environmental Testing

We help identify the type and concentration of contaminants  of environmental samples. 
Matrices analyzed: Soils, sediments, sludges, waste waters, ground and surface waters, effluents,  trade wastes.

Agriculture Testing

We help to provides comprehensive analyses of soil, water, plant tissue, manure, compost, greenhouse media, fertilizer and liming materials in determining nutritional requirements of crops, soil health and fertility.

Geotechnical Testing

We provide comprehensive chemical tests for geotechnical and civil engineering purposes and test can be performed on soils, waters, concrete and aggregates according to BS 1377 Part 3 Chemical Tests. 

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About Us

We are a full service analytical testing laboratory located in Nairobi that serves Water, Food and Beverages, Feed, Environmental, Agriculture andGeotechnical sectors

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